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What can we learn from Slack’s piracy ?

July 2019 by Emmanuel Schalit, CEO de Dashlane

"Slack has acted quickly to reset the passwords of users it believes may have been compromised by a hack in 2015. However, the fact remains that a breach has taken place and that it has taken years to realise the full extent of it. The potential impact of this breach might be smaller than others, but it is no less important.

“It is crucial to remember that although you may not be able to control the security architecture of the digital services you use every day and that hold so much of your data, but you can take measures to make sure you have optimal password hygiene. This is the digital version of the “containment” doctrine. Make sure you have different passwords on each service so that if one is compromised the damage does not spread.”

“This breach is a completely relevant and pertinent example of the importance of having a unique password for every account. This ensures that even if one account is breached your other accounts will be secure. Some breaches aren’t discovered or disclosed for years, as is the case here with Slack. You never know when your information might be vulnerable. In any case, even if your password was not reset by Slack themselves, we would recommend resetting your password to be safe.”

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