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Virtual Forge unveiled updates to its Virtual Forge Security Cloud

June 2018 by Marc Jacob

Virtual Forge unveiled updates to its Virtual Forge Security Cloud, a cloud-based security and quality check of SAP objects that now includes third-party application scanning through its TransportProfiler solution.

The Virtual Forge Security Cloud is a cross-product of Virtual Forge and offers selective sub functionalities of its on-premise products and services, including CodeProfiler and SystemProfiler. The Virtual Forge Security Cloud offers the easiest and fastest way to determine the risk degree of SAP-based applications and change requests. What’s more, the cloud-based security solution is the most effective form of SAP firewall since dangerous objects do not even have to enter the SAP landscape to identify possible danger.

Virtual Forge TransportProfiler checks transports for security, completeness and consistency, and any changes in critical data. This makes it possible to identify flawed transports in advance, which in turn helps prevent system downtime, damage to target systems, and the costs and effort required for correcting errors. Now offered in a cloud-based solution through Virtual Forge Security Cloud, TransportProfiler analyzes and evaluates the changes affected by a transport before it is imported into an SAP system. Its flexible approach to assessing outcomes is designed to account for the individual risks modifications pose to the security and stability of the system in question. This is how Virtual Forge TransportProfiler’s detailed analysis and evaluation of individual changes avert negative consequences in target systems.

Only 3% of North American users said1 they scan their SAP code daily for security and stability checks, and the majority (32%) said they only check “a few times each month”. Most of these companies are concerned with keeping vendor/partner files secure (33%); Management planning of SAP functions (31%); and keeping their customer database secure (28%).

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