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Veracode Issues “Twacked” Infographic: When Good Twitter Accounts Go Bad

September 2011 by Veracode

Veracode, Inc. released its newest infographic, “Twacked: When Good Twitter Accounts Go Bad.” With news of USA Today’s Twitter account being hacked over the weekend, this infographic is especially timely as it details several of the more recent and now infamous Twitter hacks, and examines common entry points for hackers including weak passwords and malicious email attachments.

Beginning with a list of banned passwords and the most recent attacks on the “Top 10” most followed Twitter accounts, “Twacked” presents a comprehensive case for the need to improve the security of social media applications. Whether it’s a hacker gaining access to an account through a mobile device or directly through an email-delivered Trojan, more needs to be done to protect individuals and organizations that use tools like Twitter from becoming a victim. Of course, while passwords like “123456” and nearly 400 others are not allowed by Twitter, it’s nearly impossible to protect against user error and careless use.

“The USA Today breach and various celebrity Twitter hacks have worked to shine a greater spotlight on the vast number of vulnerabilities that exist within social media applications,” said Connie Stack, vice president of corporate marketing, Veracode. “This infographic works to demonstrate the exponential risks posed to individuals and organizations, from both a privacy and brand perspective. We hope this serves as a visual reinforcement and further ‘call to action’ for users to ensure the applications they are engaging with have been fully verified for security and devoid of weaknesses that will make them a target.”

The “Twacked” infographic was created in conjunction with Measured SEM and NowSourcing. It follows Veracode’s previous infographic that featured a comprehensive timeline of the events surrounding the News of the World scandal. “Twacked” is available for download from the Veracode site: Interested parties have permission to embed and share the infographic on their websites or blogs with attribution.

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