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Venari Security has announced V-Comply

December 2022 by Marc Jacob

Venari Security has announced V-Comply, its new solution that helps organisations monitor and validate their encryption standards in line with regulations. Uniquely, V-Comply can monitor the level of encryption for every session in transit and identify deviations in real-time.

For highly regulated industries, falling foul of regulatory compliance is not an option. Governments and industry regulators are increasingly mandating that data in transit be encrypted to defined standards. As a result, organisations must be able to provide evidence that they are meeting encryption requirements to secure and safeguard user data.
With V-Comply, organisations can measure, validate and report on their internal encrypted communications via an easily deployable SaaS-based solution. The flexibility offered by the platform future-proofs organisations against any modifications in regulations for encrypted traffic across markets, sectors and geographies. Ultimately, this enables organisations to minimise risk and demonstrate that they’re meeting the ever-growing list of privacy rules and

Venari Security is the only company focused on encrypted traffic analysis (ETA) without decryption. While historically, it has been a challenge to understand and analyse encrypted traffic across an organisation’s infrastructure, Venari Security’s approach meets this need while simultaneously avoiding the requirement for decryption and maintaining transactional and end-user privacy of organisations’ data.

V-Comply can be integrated with other solutions for live compliance reporting.

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