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Vectra Launches Detect for AWS

June 2021 by Marc Jacob

Vectra AI announced the introduction of Vectra Detect for Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS). Detect for AWS is a cloud-native SaaS solution that provides continuous, scalable agentless threat detection, prioritization, investigation, and response to attacks targeting applications running on AWS, as well as users, compute, and storage instances, including the use on AWS of the control plane itself. Detect for AWS works both at runtime and holistically across all AWS regions and does not require packet mirroring.

The speed and agility at which today’s digital environment changes has led many IT teams to convert their traditional on-premises infrastructure to cloud-native architectures, resulting in a rise in the use of Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) applications. As the speed of cloud adoption increases, so does the risk of introducing security issues within cloud environments.

Vectra Detect for AWS enables organizations to:

• Reduce risk of cloud services being exploited with agentless runtime monitoring of applications, users, roles, serverless compute, and storage that allows for rapid and scalable deployment of applications.
• Rapidly detect threats against your systems and data on AWS using one of the first behavioral AI that detects and prioritizes threats without relying on signatures, agents, or static policy while protecting against attacks looking to exploit misconfigured services.
• Automate response to attacks on applications running on AWS using native capabilities in AWS, or deep integrations with other security solutions allowing teams to mitigate threats without relying on agents.

By observing and understanding attacker behavior, cloud accounts, roles, permissions, and deployment configurations for cloud workloads (containers and serverless); Vectra’s behavioral models see and stop attacks on AWS applications without disrupting operations. As a part of the Vectra Cognito platform, it is the first and only solution that can track attacks and compromised users and roles across every region in a single, holistic view. This allows organizations to confidently migrate, develop, and deploy more AWS applications at scale, while reducing the risk of introducing security issues.

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