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Varonis offer comment on Ubiquiti breach updates

March 2021 by Matt Lock, Technical Director UK at Varonis

Following the update that a whistleblower involved in responding to the Ubiquiti breach alleged that it downplayed a ‘catastrophic’ incident to protect its stock value and the third-party cloud provider claim was a fabrication, Matt Lock Technical Director at Varonis offers the following comment:

“The whistleblower’s claims that attackers found credentials for the company’s cloud services accounts on an employee’s password manager shows you’re only as strong as your weakest link. You can be doing everything right with your security and still be at risk. In this case, you may think you are safer by using local storage for your home video monitoring, but that isn’t necessarily true. IoT attacks erase boundaries between your home network and every provider you allow into it. Ultimately you must ask yourself if you trust your provider – and their provider—to keep the bad guys out”.

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