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VASCO’s Digipass/VACMAN Strong Authentication Provides Easy and Secure Remote Access to Easy Computers’ Network

December 2007 by Marc Jacob

Easy Computers is the U.K.’s fastest growing supplier of IT products and Services. The company services 3 markets: Consumers, Small to Medium sized Businesses and the Education sector including Schools, Colleges and Universities.

To offer its customers a top notch service, Easy Computers employs highly skilled staff, delivering technical support all over the U.K. They are active in a very competitive market. And the confidentiality of critical information is of the utmost importance.

Easy Computers was looking for a safe and mobile way to grant their remote staff secure access to the company’s network.

Security and confidentiality are of the utmost importance in Easy’s sector where competition is fierce. Of its 60 employees, 15 work remotely. This means that security for remote access is an important issue.

The solution: Two-factor authentication

“We had all kinds of methods in place before we opted for VASCO,” said Nick Glynne, Managing Director at Easy Computers. “Our previous systems were a real nightmare. They were mostly dependent on fixed IP addresses and therefore staff couldn’t even go to a cyber café to download their emails. What we needed was a system that was secure and easy to use, with a high degree of flexibility.”

Easy eventually installed a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN is the simulation of a private network by utilizing a public network. In this network, all computer links are encrypted, so that every communication is carried out confidentially. The weakest link in any VPN system is often the static PIN code used to get access to the VPN. In order to neutralize this security threat, the use of two-factor authentication is of the utmost importance.

VASCO solves the problem

“We contacted IT distributor E92Plus via our support company, Network Places for assistance. They proposed us to protect our VPN with VASCO’s VACMAN Middleware and Digipass GO3 strong authentication. We agreed to their proposal” Nick Glynne continued. “We opted for VASCO because their products are good value for money and technically proven. Also, the flexibility of the server-side solution, VACMAN Controller, really impressed us.”

Since then, Easy Computers’ problems with remote workers have disappeared.. “The implementation of VASCO’s products went very smooth. After a very short period of time, all our remote employees were happily logging on to the corporate network with their Digipass. “

“VASCO’s Digipass even allowed us to make more money,” Nick Glynne concludes. “The first time I used VASCO’s products, I stopped for a break at a service station near the M1 motorway close to London. When I logged in to my account, I noticed that I had a lot of calls from prospects waiting on the lines. I was busy the next two hours answering questions and calls. Time well spent, because thanks to VASCO, I sold close to £ 9,000 in two hours.”

About Easy Computers

Easy Computers is the UK’s fastest growing supplier of IT products and Services. Located in a 20,000 sq foot newly-built warehouse in Huddersfi eld, West Yorkshire we sell more than £40 million of Laptops, PCs, Monitors and IT accessories from our numerous websites. We service 3 markets: Consumers, Small to Medium sized Businesses and the Education sector including Schools, Colleges and Universities.

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