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Uptick in IoT-related breaches and attacks - comment from Fujitsu

May 2019 by Sarah Armstrong Smith, Head of Continuity and Resilience at Fujitsu UK

A recent Ponemon Institute report found that there has been an uptick in IoT-related breaches and attacks, due to a lack of security in internet-connected devices. If you were planning on writing a story on the report, and would like any further pieces of commentary, please see below a comment from Sarah Armstrong Smith, Head of Continuity and Resilience at Fujitsu.

Sarah argues businesses need to do more to ensure their devices are secure from the get-go, including basic security measures such as reminding consumers to change their passwords.

"The latest report from the Ponemon Institute, found that there was a rise in breaches and attacks on internet-connected devices, which is concerning to read, as more consumers purchase smart devices and trust businesses with their data. Cyber-criminals are continuing to be more sophisticated and many operate in a complex criminal industry designed to infiltrate networks and exploit data. The number of breaches will only continue to rise should businesses not take effective action in developing their cybersecurity measures. "Steps are being taken towards protecting connected devices, for example, last week the government introduced plans for new regulations to ensure devices are well-equipped for cyberattacks. However, organisations must go further and ensure they adopt a ’security by design’ approach, to ensure their devices are prepared for every avenue that cyber-criminals may look to take. This approach includes basic security measures such as consumers being reminded to change default settings and passwords on these devices. By taking this approach, IoT manufacturers can ensure they adequately protect their consumers and will provide them with a level of assurance and confidence when purchasing their products." Sarah Armstrong Smith, Head of Continuity and Resilience at Fujitsu UK

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