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Updated Action1 RMM Enhances Remote Workforce Security and Business Continuity

May 2021 by Marc Jacob

Action1 Corporation released a new version of its RMM platform. The updated Action1 RMM enables MSPs and internal IT departments to minimize the risk of cyberattacks exploiting unauthorized applications or unpatched vulnerabilities in drivers and firmware on remote endpoints. In addition, enhanced patch management capabilities ensure continuity of business processes while reducing IT workload.

New features available in?Action1 RMM?enable organizations to:

• Mitigate the risks of shadow IT
Organizations can remotely detect and remove unauthorized applications installed on corporate devices — even if they were installed within the user’s profile — before they can be misused by employees or exploited by hackers. This allows IT administrators to switch to machine-wide installs supported and updated via Action1 RMM.
• Secure remote drivers and firmware
IT teams can also ensure that remote drivers and firmware are promptly and reliably patched, further reducing the risk of successful cyberattacks.
• Minimize?business disruptions?during patch deployment
Users who happen to be logged on when patches are deployed to their device can postpone reboot (up to the maximum time defined by the IT administrator) so they can smoothly complete their current tasks. If no user is logged on during patch deployment, the machine will be rebooted automatically.
• Automate?remote?deployment?of Windows?feature updates
IT teams can roll out Windows updates, such as upgrading to Windows 10 20H2, to all endpoints, automatically and securely.

Furthermore, the new version contains 250+ improvements, including user experience and reliability enhancements.

The new version of Action1 RMM is available now. Organizations with up to 50 endpoints get a free Action1 RMM license without limitations or hidden costs. To learn more about Action1 RMM, please visit

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