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UltraSoC joins GSA IoT Security Working Group

June 2019 by Marc Jacob

UltraSoC announced it has been selected as a member of the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) Internet of Things (IoT) Security Working Group and will be participating in the upcoming IoT Security Workshop, as part of the 2019 GSA Silicon Summit. The group has recently identified automotive security as a key area for focus – an area where UltraSoC will draw on its experience in embedded analytics for cybersecurity and functional safety applications.

The GSA IoT Security Working Group was established to address end-to-end issues in IoT security. It is comprised of various IoT ecosystem security stakeholders including chipset vendors, platform companies, cloud vendors and service providers. The goal is to promote best practices on IoT security, share information on threats and attacks, define security requirements and inform standards bodies. It is also an opportunity for GSA members and partners to influence the requirements for security that get passed to all participants in the value and supply chains.

UltraSoC’s embedded analytics technology delivers value throughout the security value chain. For developers building secure systems it helps speed time to design and build secure SoCs and provides the ability to continue to monitor and report on their performance once in place. In addition, UltraSoC offers in-life benefits to its customers and even to the end users - by enabling on-chip monitoring and analytics systems that respond at hardware speed (microseconds rather than milliseconds), are difficult to subvert because they operate “below the operating system”, and can provide an additional orthogonal “root of trust” to those used in conventional systems.

The Working Group has also already identified important project topics including Pre-Silicon Assessment, Identity Management, Provisioning, Trusted Supply Chain, and Virtualization. The Group will also be undertaking future projects in Automotive Security and Silicon-as-a-Service. To date, stakeholders in the IoT security ecosystem from more than 50 companies have been involved.

The GSA IoT Security Workshop takes place as part of the 2019 GSA Silicon Summit on the 18th June, in Santa Clara, USA.

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