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UKCloud announces new Cyber Protection-as-a-Service

November 2019 by Marc Jacob

UKCloud has announced its latest offering – CloudSOC. This is a brand-new service from UKCloud providing an end-to-end cyber protection capability, utilising e2e-assure’s Cumulo software and specialist security analysts.

Citizens, businesses and public sector organisations are increasingly dependent on digital services, many of which rely on personal or sensitive data which needs to be secured and safeguarded. At the same time, the cyber risks to these services and datasets are placing an increasing burden on all organisations, especially those in the public sector. The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019 commissioned by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) found that around a third of businesses reported a cyber security attack in the previous 12 months, which commonly resulted in the need for new measures to prevent future attacks, as well as distracting staff while the breach/attack was being dealt with. Moreover, UKCloud recognise that many organisations across the public sector typically lack the resources and skills to implement and operate constantly evolving cyber protection measures.

What is the solution to this critical issue?

CloudSOC has been created to provide a complete end-to-end cyber protection service. Most crucially it’s not just a technology – it is a complete service, including specialist people and robust processes. CloudSOC utilises e2e-assure’s Cumulo software, 24/7 Security Operations Centre (with highly trained and qualified security analysts who are both SC and NPPV3 cleared), alongside UKCloud’s well-connected, government-grade cloud platform. CloudSOC is an integrated cyber security service that protects systems at any data classification level, on any network, across cloud, data centre and on-premises.

How does CloudSOC work?

CloudSOC is based on e2e-assure’s custom developed Cumulo technology which performs a variety of tasks such as:

• Traffic analysis
• Deep packet inspections
• Device log monitoring
• Intrusion detection
• Vulnerability scanning
• Blacklist monitoring

The capability extends to all devices connected to the internet, private networks or government networks such as PSN, HSCN, Janet and RLI.

Organisations are able to leverage their existing investments as CloudSOC integrates with existing security systems, whether these are cloud-based services or more traditional SIEM-based services, such as LogRhythm and Symantec, rather than replacing them. CloudSOC integrates multiple toolsets (application, network, endpoint) to provide the 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) with useful high-level situational awareness which enables advanced analysis by cyber security specialists to identify threats and determine the appropriate incident response regardless as to where the data resides.

This new service from UKCloud gives organisations the flexibility to dial up or dial down what is needed at any time – providing monitoring, support and capability as required. It is available directly and via a range of frameworks including G-Cloud and TS2.

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