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UK Businesses at risk if Huawei contributes to 5G infrastructure

May 2019 by Leigh Moody, UK Managing Director at SOTI

Following the continued concern and coverage of the Huawei/5G issue, Leigh Moody, UK Managing Director at SOTI warns that the data of UK businesses is at risk if Huawei is allowed to contribute to any part to the 5G infrastructure:

“The UK Government’s decision to allow Huawei equipment to be used in the country’s 5G infrastructure, even if only the ‘non-core’ parts, is concerning. Workforces are becoming increasingly mobile, using connected devices that require network access to stay connected and share information within the business. With the proliferation of industry 4.0, the 5G network will permeate into almost every area of most businesses within the next five to 10 years. The immensely valuable data within the mobile network must be closely protected and we simply cannot ignore the serious warnings from our closest allies of the immediate danger that this deal poses to the security of millions of UK-based mobile workers and their employers.”

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