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Tufin Provides End-to-End Automation for VMware NSX-T Data Center

October 2019 by Marc Jacob

Tufin® announced end-to-end Zero Touch Automation for the VMware NSX-T Data Center in the Tufin Orchestration Suite. The new integration enables VMware customers moving from NSX-V to NSX-T to leverage Tufin to implement security policy changes in minutes instead of days, more securely and accurately across their hybrid IT environments.

As VMware customers migrate to NSX-T, which provides an agile software-defined infrastructure to build cloud-native application environments, Tufin is now delivering analysis and automation across the complex enterprise network that is built around the NSX-T Data Center.

With Tufin, VMware NSX-T customers can now centrally manage and control microsegmentation, continuously monitor adherence to the security policy and automate security changes throughout the data center, via a single interface. The Tufin Orchestration Suite provides unprecedented visibility and control of the security configuration in the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), enabling unified security policy management across the entire enterprise – including physical and virtual networks, hybrid cloud platforms and cloud-native environments.

Tufin’s integration helps VMware NSX customers achieve:

• Visibility – the ability to view and track changes to security policy and configuration across the NSX-T environment and the rest of the hybrid network
• Microsegmentation – the ability to define and manage microsegmentation, both within the NSX-T environment and across the external data center
• Policy-driven change automation – the ability to automate network changes while enabling adherence to corporate policy, understanding the potential risk, and pushing changes to relevant platforms
• Kubernetes Security – the ability to apply all the benefits above to VMware Enterprise PKS on-premises and in the cloud with Tufin Orca

NSX-T functionality will be available with the release of Tufin Orchestration Suite 19.3.

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