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Tufin Introduces full automation for corporate change windows

October 2018 by Marc Jacob

Tufin® announced the release of Change Window Automation and Policy Commit to enable organisations to automate planned changes during designated change windows and respond immediately to urgent firewall policy change requests. Change Window Automation improves operational efficiency and avoids disruption to the business during normal working hours, with full trust that changes will be committed according to security policy in designated off-hour change windows. Policy Commit enables urgent and emergency changes to take place immediately in accordance with existing rules to ensure security and compliance.

With centralised change window automation, organisations can schedule firewall policy changes to take place during designated (off-hours) change windows. This includes the ability to pre-review and approve future changes, automate the execution of these changes, track installation progress, and automatically receive change reports. Starting with R18-2 GA, Tufin SecureChange has the ability to commit changes to the underlying devices at a scheduled time. This is supported when integrating the Tufin Orchestration Suite with management consoles from Check Point R-80, Fortinet FortiManager, and Palo Alto Networks Panorama.

The Tufin Orchestration Suite continues to enable true end-to-end Zero-Touch Automation for firewall policy changes by allowing customers to automate the analysis, design, and provisioning of network changes all the way to specific devices. Organisations can make firewall policy changes across devices to respond to emergency requests prompted by business requirements or a security incident, improving response and reducing dwell time of detected incidents. Policy Commit retains full documentation as part of a workflow for audit support. Policy Commit is now available for Check Point R-80, Fortinet FortiManager, and Palo Alto Networks Panorama, and is automatically enforced on the corresponding firewall devices, adding to the previous capability of immediate policy implementation to Cisco ASA and Juniper firewalls.

Change Window Automation and Commit Now are available in Tufin Orchestration Suite 18-2, which is generally available.

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