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TrueGEN Selects Martello for SD-WAN Solution that Addresses the Security and Performance Limitations of MPLS Deployments

October 2018 by Marc Jacob

Martello Technologies Group Inc. (“Martello”)), a provider of network performance management solutions for real-time communications, announced today that TrueGEN, a networking and security company based in Belgium, has selected Martello for its SD-WAN deployments. Many of TrueGEN’s customers are seeking a solution that addresses the security and performance limitations of MPLS, and the company chose Martello’s SD-WAN technology to assist in these multi-site deployments where connectivity, uptime and VPN performance are important. A Martello Elite Partner, TrueGEN specializes in IT Network Security, and by using Martello’s Elfiq solutions, its customers will be provided with an extra layer of encryption.

“As a networking and security company, TrueGEN investigated several ISP balancing and SD-WAN solutions that could provide enhanced security and performance to our customer’s networks,” said Rebekka Vreven at TrueGEN. “Martello’s Elfiq provided the best and most stable results in our opinion. We expect to increase the number of Martello deployments and engage in new opportunities in the future. TrueGEN is proud to be a Martello Partner.”

TrueGEN started working with Elfiq Networks, now a subsidiary of Martello, to offer its customers a business continuity solution that would mitigate the failover delay encountered with firewalls. This led to reduced downtime, and building on this success, TrueGEN then began offering its customers the Martello Elfiq SD-WAN solution, which except in rare cases they can deploy without assistance from Martello support. This deployment simplicity was made even better when TrueGEN then expanded its toolset with the addition of Martello’s fault & performance management capabilities. TrueGEN now has deeper visibility into their customers’ network, with the capacity to monitor and inspect site health, and to prioritize traffic by application.

“We’re pleased to work with TrueGEN to enhance their customers’ security and optimize overall network performance,” said John Proctor, president and CEO of Martello. “Their team of experts truly understands the value of Martello’s network performance solutions, and knows how to position our products to really provide the best value to their clients”.

Martello’s proven solutions have been recognized by the industry. In September, the company received a Frost & Sullivan Leadership Award for NPM (Network Performance Management) and ranked as Ottawa’s Fastest Growing Company at No. 28 on the Growth 500 list of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies. In August 2018, the company received the INTERNET TELEPHONY SD-WAN Product of the Year Award, and in June 2018 Martello debuted on the Branham300 listing of Canada’s top ICT (Information and Communications Technology) companies. The company recently went public with a TSXV listing, following the closure of an oversubscribed $7.5 million private placement. The company’s ambitious growth plans include future merger and acquisition activity, an area in which the company has a positive track record. In December 2017, Martello merged with SD-WAN player Elfiq Networks.

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