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Traveling and Want to Watch France in FIFA World Cup Finals Online on a French TV? VPN is the Answer

July 2018 by NordVPN

France has just won a ticket to the FIFA World Cup finals - but if you are traveling overseas, it might mean you won’t be able to access the final online of your favorite French online TV channel.

If you are a French person traveling abroad, you would certainly like to watch FIFA World Cup on French TV from your hotel room in Thailand, London or anywhere in the world.

French TV stations are available online in France, but they may not be accessible anymore when you go abroad. When you are outside of the country, the IP address of your device will reflect the change of your location and, therefore, most of the French content will be blocked.

The solution? VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) allow users to connect to the Internet without geographical restrictions.

It will link your device to a server in France via an encrypted tunnel – for example, a person can appear to be in France, while they actually are in the U.S., simply by choosing a different VPN server location.

A VPN you are using must have servers in France in order for you to connect and watch online TV as if you were on the couch at home. A VPN service like NordVPN would allow you to circumvent geographical restrictions by hiding your real IP address and substituting it with the address of your desired location. So, when the streaming site looks at your IP, it will see the IP of the VPN server.

In addition, in certain cases, ISPs may throttle your speed when accessing the specific content. However, when you connect to a VPN, ISP will no longer be able to set different speed limits for different websites.

VPNs also offer security by encrypting all data shared between the Internet and a user’s system, so none of the data can be compromised.

If you like to travel light and avoid packing your computer, NordVPN offers easy-to-use mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

Instructions to connect to online French TV with NordVPN:

• Get NordVPN
• Download a NordVPN app
• Connect to one of the French servers
• Go to the website of RTL 4
• If required, login by using your credentials
• Happy watching!

In the world where people move freely between countries, the content they want to stream should also be open for watching, wherever they are.

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