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Tracip launches its field digital forensic kit

October 2021 by Marc Jacob

On the occasion of Milipol, the leading event for Homeland Security and Safety (October 19 to 22 - Paris), TRACIP, subsidiary of the Deveryware group and the first private French laboratory for digital forensics expertise, is launching its field digital forensics investigation kit : the « Field k’IT backpack ».

With this new product, TRACIP offers digital investigators a light and compact version of the existing kit (« Field k’IT stormcase). The « Field k’IT backpack » is an urban kit that fits in a backpack. It incorporates the most important equipment of the stormcase kit (hexib’IT laptop, external blocker, duplicator), removing less essential at the operational level and potentially bulky accessories (electrical power strip, extension cord, camera or lamp). Relatively large external hard drives have been replaced by smaller SSDs, which are much lighter and more efficient.

Thanks to its experience, Tracip offers a complete kit including all the equipment, accessories and software essential to start an investigation in the field, making it possible to:

- Disassemble a workstation, laptop or any other digital device that may contain evidence
- Secure the proof, regardless of the port on the device (IDE, SATA, SAS, FW and UBS2 / 3)
- Duplicate a hard drive quickly and independently
- Preview the content of the proof
- Do a quick keyword search or export data
- Create logical proof containers to protect information

This new feature complements the “Field k’IT stormcase” (hardened case), an update of the previous field kit, which replaces the initial laptop with a hexib’IT laptop (a new product developed by TRACIP). Another update with the Field k’IT stormcase is the replacement of the 4 write blockers by a single multi-connection blocker (new product also developed by Tracip), saving space. Some accessories have also been added such as Faraday bags (to block RF, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and cellular signals and protect against data theft).

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