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Thycotic Releases Cybersecurity "Election Protection" Toolkit to Safeguard

August 2018 by Marc Jacob

Thycotic announced the release of its Cybersecurity Election Protection Toolkit in an effort to keep U.S. candidates and their staffs secure and safe from criminal hackers during the 2018 mid-term elections. With the release of its Election Protection Toolkit, Thycotic aims to help campaigns for federal, state and local elected offices prevent attacks on their credentials/passwords amid recent cyber threats by Russian hackers and other cybercriminals.

Thycotic’s Election Protection Toolkit directly addresses the typical methods used to attack campaigns such as cracking weak user passwords, getting unsuspecting users to download malware in phishing attacks, and stealing confidential communications. The Kit includes a free digital edition of Cybersecurity for Dummies along with a poster template for printouts to hang in campaign offices that will help educate staffers about what they can do to protect their passwords and safeguard their online activities. The Kit also includes an Incident Response Template, should a campaign discover it has been hacked.

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