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Thycotic Expands Identity Provider Integrations with SCIM Connector 2.0

July 2020 by Marc Jacob

Thycotic announced the general availability of System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) Connector 2.0, which allows expanded integrations between identity providers and Secret Server.

Many organizations have both privileged account management (PAM) and identity governance and administration (IGA) solutions that operate independently. As a result, organizations don’t have a unified view of identities, which leads to IT visibility and management challenges, increased security risk, and cumbersome reporting for compliance. Thycotic’s SCIM Connector 2.0 allows the automation and interoperability of user access. IT teams get full visibility into user access and role assignments as well as ongoing user and role changes. This improves security Thycotic’s SCIM Connector 2.0 allows organizations to set up workflows to synchronize, provision or modify entitlements in Secret Server directly within their IGA platform. The SCIM Connector is installed as a Web Application and allows users to input credentials and a URL path to connect directly to Secret Server. It also allows users to connect Secret Server to one or multiple standard SCIM endpoints.

The availability of SCIM Connector 2.0 expands the identity providers with which Secret Server can integrate, including Microsoft Identity Manager, Oracle Identity Manager, Oracle Identity Cloud Service, and

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