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Thycotic Automates and Extends Privileged Access Security in DevOps Environments

September 2020 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

Thycotic revealed improvements to DevOps Secrets Vault. The cloud-based solution adds new out-of-the-box Secret Server integration, SIEM integration, automated authentication through SSH keys and certificate generation, new wizards to streamline command-line use, and a Home Vault, a personal user space for secrets.

DevOps Secrets Vault’s Secret Server integration allows Secret Server to create secrets in the Vault and sync updates to those secrets. It also allows customers to use DevOps Secrets Vault for fast API access and CI/CD pipeline integration while also benefiting from the additional PAM capabilities of Secret Server, such as credential rotation.

DevOps Secrets Vault logs can be pushed in near-real time to a SIEM application. These log events can be correlated by the SIEM system so administrators gain deep insight into privileged account usage and get alerts when specific events occur in DevOps Secrets Vault.
With the new Home Vault feature, every DevOps Secrets Vault user gets their own space for secrets that even admins do not have access to by default.

DevOps Secrets Vault can now issue X.509 and SSH certificates, which enables the automation of certificate signing and distribution. This feature also enables short-lived certificates, making certificate issuance and signing both highly efficient and secure.

To simplify human navigation of the command-line, DevOps Secrets Vault now supports a variety of wizards that guide the user through the process of creating and updating public key infrastructure (PKI), policy, and authentication provider, among others.

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