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ThreatQuotient Sponsors ASRG to Enable Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing Across the Automotive Industry

April 2021 by Marc Jacob

ThreatQuotient™ announced that the ThreatQ™ threat intelligence platform will be utilised by the Automotive Security Research Group (ASRG) to facilitate cyber threat intelligence sharing across the automotive industry. ASRG, a non-profit with over 6,000 members in 19 countries, supports the development of security solutions for automotive products. As a key sponsor of ASRG, ThreatQuotient is providing a critical tool for automotive companies to strengthen their security practices.

“ASRG’s goal is to reduce hesitation on the part of automotive stakeholders to share vulnerabilities or cyber issues related to their products and to offer a safe and secure platform for intelligence sharing. ThreatQuotient is thrilled to partner with and sponsor ASRG with our threat intelligence platform for members to gain critical knowledge,” said Markus Auer, CTI Advisor and Regional Manager CEE, ThreatQuotient. “We share ASRG’s vision for solving the global challenge of using threat intelligence more constructively across multiple use cases, which is larger than any one company or solution. We look forward to the positive impact ASRG will have on security in the automotive industry.”

Compared to other industries, the development of cyber and data security solutions for automotive products is in its infancy. However, the security goals are the same across all automotive manufacturers and even across different products. Sharing enriched threat data externally helps strengthen defenses across a larger community of users. The ThreatQ platform provides granular controls over what, when and how much data is shared so that ASRG members can comfortably share and gain valuable insights from other users. Finding and knowing where to look for information is the first step to understanding problems and proposing informed solutions.

“ASRG is very grateful for ThreatQuotient’s support as a sponsor since the beginning. This is the first step in the right direction of a continuous relationship to help facilitate the cyber threat intelligence strategy of ASRG,” said John Heldreth, Founder of ASRG. “The growth of technology’s role in the automotive industry has prompted the need to focus attention on cybersecurity. The more information that engineers and developers have regarding the products they are developing and their operating environments, the better implementation and more secure solutions can be expected; engineers and developers will have the opportunity to access shared information through ThreatQ that will enhance the industry’s security.”

Jasmine Rhyder, Lead, Sydney Chapter of ASRG, said: "Having this wealth of information in one place makes it easier for researchers, analysts and engineers to find relevant data, and to do so more quickly. ThreatQuotient and ASRG are providing a clear path towards effective security operations, leading the way not only in developing this security solution for the automotive industry, but doing so in a way that encourages meaningful information sharing. It will be exciting to see the full impact this collaboration will have on the industry."

The ThreatQ platform provides a unique combination of capabilities that streamline threat operations and management to accelerate security operations. Beyond the threat intelligence platform use case, ThreatQ can be leveraged for a number of security operations priorities including threat hunting, incident response, spear phishing, alert triage and vulnerability prioritisation. Partnering with ASRG creates a new threat intelligence sharing use case for the ThreatQ platform in the automotive industry, which provides ThreatQuotient with new opportunities and additional sales channels.

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About ASRG
The Automotive Security Research Group (ASRG) is a non-profit organisation focused on promoting the development of security solutions for automotive products. Through knowledge, networking and collaboration, ASRG enables a growing worldwide community of 6,000 members across 19 countries to build more secure products for the automotive industry and to create a community of shared resources. To get involved, make an impact on the industry, participate in a technical committee, or join a project, please visit, or send us an email at

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