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ThreatModeler Launched IaC-Assist 2.0

July 2023 by Marc Jacob

ThreatModeler© announced the launch of IaC-Assist 2.0, an integrated development environment (IDE) that secures infrastructure-as-code (IaC) at the development stage to ensure deployments are secure by design. This enhanced offering delivers an industry-first one-click solution to automatically detect security controls and apply mitigations in IaC. IaC-Assist 2.0 enables enterprises to forego post-development security sprints, accelerate digital transformation, and avoid millions in incident response costs, remediation costs, and regulatory fines resulting from security breaches or misconfigurations.

IaC-Assist 2.0 supports two leading IaC languages – Terraform and AWS CloudFormation – and provides secure code templates to enable developers to take ownership of the security process. ThreatModeler’s customers will experience three key benefits from this patented technology:
• Increased Security and Compliance – IaC-Assist 2.0 helps enterprises secure and streamline compliance efforts by enabling developers to identify and remediate security risks earlier in the cloud development lifecycle (CDLC). This significantly reduces the chance of vulnerabilities turning into threats and enables organizations to maintain a secure environment without sacrificing speed or agility.
• Infrastructure Automation – IaC-Assist 2.0’s reusable code templates offer a seamless and consistent approach to infrastructure setup and configuration. This automated process helps organizations keep their infrastructure up to date and mitigate risks, ensuring efficient deployments.
• Standardization at Scale – The declarative nature of IaC ensures that the same policies are applied across all deployments, eliminating configuration drift and minimizing the risk of inconsistencies or misconfigurations. This results in a standardized infrastructure that saves organizations time and money by removing the need to manually configure and manage each resource individually.

IaC-Assist 2.0 helps organizations of all sizes transition to the cloud. Small and medium-sized businesses and Fortune 500 enterprises alike are empowered with the ability to quickly and accurately identify any discrepancies within their IaC code. Further, IaC-Assist integrates with ThreatModeler and CloudModeler, allowing organizations to efficiently build architecture designs and threat models directly from their code.

IaC-Assist 2.0 is available today as a standalone solution.

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