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Thibaut David, Ivanti Wavelink: Ivanti Neurons for IIoT Provides Greater Visibility into Products and Components, Automatically Detects and Remediates Vulnerabilities

July 2022 by Marc Jacob

Ivanti Wavelink, the supply chain division of Ivanti, provides customers with a seamless experience when optimizing supply chain operations through its Ivanti Neurons for IIoT mobile enterprise platform. For Thibaut David, Global Business Development Manager for IIoT of Ivanti Wavelink, platforms such as Ivanti Neurons for IIoT will help to further accelerate supply chain operations through digital transformation, allowing them to have greater visibility. on their products and components, as well as proactively detecting and automatically remediating vulnerabilities.

Global Security Mag : Can you present your company to us?

Thibaut David : Ivanti is a global technology company that enables and secures the Everywhere Workplace, where employees use myriad devices to access IT applications and data over various networks to stay productive as they work from anywhere. Ivanti accomplishes this through its industry-leading unified endpoint management, cybersecurity, and enterprise service management solutions to provide a unified IT platform that helps businesses to discover, manage, secure, and service their IT assets from the cloud to the edge.

Ivanti Wavelink, the supply chain division of Ivanti, is a global leader in supply chain solutions that focus on task worker operational excellence in business-critical environments. Over 25,000 businesses rely on Ivanti Wavelink to maximize productivity and employee safety through intelligent insights and automation. Even better than its innovative technology, is the seamless experience Ivanti Wavelink provides its customers when optimizing its supply chain operations.

Global Security Mag : What are the strong points of this offer?

Thibaut David : Ivanti Wavelink’s market-leading mobile enterprise platform, combined with its innovative mobile and IIoT solutions, can enhance task worker productivity at the edge to drive efficiency and profit to the bottom line. It offers upgrades, modernization, automation, and integration capabilities to optimize supply chain operations to ensure that they are fully future-proofed.

Additionally, Ivanti Wavelink’s software enables organizations to leverage modern mobile technology in the warehouse and across the supply chain. This improves productivity through hyper-automation and actionable intelligence, picking accuracy, and also reduces risks without modifying backend IT systems.

Global Security Mag : What is the target audience?

Thibaut David : Since the pandemic, the global supply chain has remained in a state of crisis, facing pressing issues such as a massive labor shortage, poor distribution management, and lack of end-to-end supply chain visibility. To combat these issues, organizations across industry verticals, including transportation and logistics, manufacturing, oil and gas, healthcare, and retail, are urgently seeking ways to accelerate digital transformation initiatives and revolutionize supply chain operations.

Global Security Mag : How do you support your clients?

Thibaut David : Today, many warehouses and distribution centers feature smart devices, such as smart conveyors, sensors, cameras, robots and collaborative robots. Yet the interconnections between these devices and technologies can be complex, expensive, and sometimes risky. With Ivanti Neurons for IIoT, organizations can create low-code or no-code applications that automate and enhance supply chain processes, as well as deliver completely new capabilities. And, most importantly, organizations can seamlessly integrate these innovative IIoT applications into existing operations, driving further performance improvements and operational efficiencies. For example, the Ivanti Neurons for IIoT platform integrates rapidly with Ivanti Velocity using its built-in MQTT client and can be used to add IIoT automation around existing task-worker processes without having to invest in expensive WMS changes.

Global Security Mag : What is your marketing strategy?

Thibaut David : Our GTM strategy is to go through our solid channel partners that are successful in integrating such as WIIO, IDservices, Solutis, Peak tech etc. We will partner with them to integrate warehouse applications using technologies such as Lora on IIoT platform. We will leverage our partnership to serve end customers that are in need of IIoT and work with key partners who are experienced in supply chain space

Global Security Mag : You recently took part in the Lorawan trade fair, which was held on 6 and 7 July and What did you learn from this event (trends)? What are the challenges for IoT security?

Thibaut David : Covid has accelerated digital adoption within industrial environment, specifically within supply chain. We learned that technologies such as LoraWan and 5G are not being represented well within Supply chain, and there’s tremendous opportunity to educate and build awareness this underserved industry of how IIoT technology can help. Ivanti Neurons for IIoT can help organizations stich together systems to aggregate machine data and support IoT application development. It addresses the disruptive impact of downtime and ultimately provide greater operational intelligence – with improving production output/efficiencies, reducing operational or production expenses and improving asset monitoring and maintenance.

Global Security Mag : To conclude, what would be your message to our readers?

Thibaut David : Since the beginning of the year, organizations across industry verticals, including transportation and logistics, manufacturing, oil and gas, healthcare, and retail, started turning to IIoT solutions to achieve real-time intelligence into the location of shipment and health of their equipment. However, many organizations still lack visibility into where their products or components to build products are located.

As organizations continue to turn to IIoT solutions, Ivanti Neurons for IIoT will help organizations further accelerate supply chain operations through digital transformation, enabling them to achieve operational excellence, and have greater visibility into their products and components, as well as proactively detect and auto-remediate vulnerabilities.

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