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“The best EDGE Datacenter is no Datacenter infrastructure”

March 2019 by

Datacentre introduces an innovative concept of EDGE data infrastructure & connectivity hotel. Born in Annecy, DataCenterFree is the result of the capacity to innovate and the experience acquired by the region’s players applied to one of the major problems of the decade: the excessive and increasing power consumption of Datacenters as well as pollution they induce.

Maximizing the territories’ ability to support a future-oriented economic development, the provision of Datacenters to the nearest of end users optimizes and minimizes the ecological / energy impact. DataCenterFree combines 2 advanced technologies developed in the Lemanic region by Modulo C and Immersion4 ( It is enhanced by a label dedicated to EDGE Datacenters promoting simplicity of deployment as well as energy & ecological optimization. DataCenterFree’s approach innovates with -

I – A CAPACITY TO OPTIMIZE & ENHANCE EXISTING & FUTURE REAL ESTATE BUILDINGS – By minimizing infrastructure requirements, the DataCenterFree-labelled concept allows:
- For existing premises and/or buildings – To use “lost” spaces for commercial, tertiary or residential activities as long as sufficient network and energy supply can be provided.
- For new real estate programs / constructions – The integration of a Datacenter within a real estate program makes it possible to value it, increase its overall rental profitability and boost the local ecosystem.

II – AN ADAPTATION TO ANY BUSINESS MODELS - DataCenterFree hostel & market place - It is an “HOTEL” hosting:
- A SEM or a SEMOP serving the needs of the public sector or having a public service delegation within the framework of a public/private partnership,
- A SCIC addressing the needs of social & community Entrepreneurship,
- A pure private structure of Inc. type.

It’s a “MARKETPLACE” allowing collaboration between:
- Real estate owners providing physical location,
- ISPs (Internet Access Providers) and investors providing digital access infrastructure,
- DCF driving the network technically and commercially.

Proprietary & confidential

Cannot be communicated without the written consent of DataCenterFree SAS . The offer integrates:
- Accommodation & colocation o For medium-sized companies with their own CIO, o For local network operators, XaaS operator or IT service providers that provide value-added services to companies including SMEs/SMIs in their territories. o For any type of Cloud (private, hybrid, public)
- Multiple Internet connectivity and various services by hosting ISPs, IT companies, local and national XaaS operators.


The secure DataCenterFree concept can be deployed in a few days using flexible and modular solutions or in few weeks in case of very specific needs. It is suitable for all types of uses and applications and secures the location of customer data. By combining classic technologies with Immersion4’s DTMTM offer, DataCenterFree simply adapts to existing configuration and allows to value the digital energy lost by Datacenters.

DataCenterFree addresses the integration needs of Datacenters in urban environments by providing a costeffective, non-polluting solution based on the circular economy of proximity, solving the instantaneous problems of data collection and process. The DataCenterFree service of excellence related to proximity to communities contributes to boosting the economy of the territories. DataCenterFree allows local deployment of “SMART DIGITAL

INFRASTRUCTURE” essential to cities’ development and dematerialization. Cities are the heart of Economy and account for 80% of global GDP. In 2017, according to McKinsey’s latest report, half of the world’s population lives in cities and urban growth has already reached its limits. Given the demographics, it is expected that 2/3 of the world’s population will cohabit in cities by 2050. In addition to optical fiber networks (FTTH, FTTC, ...) and to the imminent arrival of 5G mobile networks allowing collection and access to local data, the integration of flexible and modular, high-density, pollution-free & nuisancefree proximity Datacenters is crucial for the realization of smart cities. Proximity Datacenters will be the major differentiator between territories that will only be digital consumers and those who will be the digital players.

DataCenterFree, Modulo C, ModuleMe, Immersion4 are members of Immersion4 Ecosystem.

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