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The SNCF is relying on Bertin IT’s Market Intelligence platform to develop its international growth

June 2020 by Marc Jacob

Bertin IT’s AMI EI Market Intelligence platform monitors millions of sources in all 7 languages. Ultimately, this solution enables the SNCF to be attentive to its environment and to identify new development prospects beyond French borders. It is a strategic tool for the group to continue its internationalisation, which today accounts for more than 1/3 of turnover.

Bertin IT, a subsidiary of the CNIM Group, is delighted with the historic partnership that has linked it to the International Department of the SNCF for more than 10 years. The collaborative monitoring platform developed by Bertin IT has enabled the SNCF group to strengthen its strategic overview by providing it a global dimension. Thanks to its very broad linguistic coverage, the tool makes it easy to instantly process huge volumes of multilingual data, particularly from Arabic and Chinese, and thus ensure worldwide monitoring with the use of new foreign information sources.

Among the other benefits brought by this solution, SNCF’s International Division notes the optimisation of market prospection, advanced automation capabilities and the centralisation of information on a single platform.

For Guy Kinkor, Director of Strategic Intelligence and Studies at the SNCF’s International Division: « We would like Bertin IT to support the SNCF’s International Division in its international growth as a Market Intelligence Cluster ».

A high-performance and competitive solution

In a highly competitive and technologically changing environment, identifying, analyzing and sharing relevant information becomes complex and time-consuming. The choice of a high-performance and competitive Market Intelligence platform proves to be strategic. Following several benchmarks of the solutions available on the market, SNCF International Management has once again renewed its confidence in Bertin IT by opting for its AMI EI Market Intelligence platform.

Among the notable advantages that motivated their choice, she highlights :

• A sourcing service adapted to a demanding and constantly evolving business environment via automatic cleaning of dead links and source management independent of search engines.
• Automatic collection of information from a multiplicity of open sources: visible web indexed by engines, or invisible, professional portals, databases with controlled access ... Then capitalized for life in order to create the « corporate memory ».
• Tools for analysing the documents contained in the corporate memory in order to develop prospective analyses, to highlight strong trends or weak signals, to identify key people or organisations.
• Newsletters fully customizable to our charter to effectively disseminate information to all our subsidiaries according to their strategic challenges.

The Bertin IT solution has been used within the SNCF group since 2009 and within the International Department since 2014. Today, the objective for the SNCF and its International Division is to continue the partnership with Bertin IT to further develop the automation possibilities offered by the AMI EI monitoring platform and to optimize prospecting by better targeting sales opportunities.

« The solution helps us to continuously improve productivity, which allows the International Department to absorb the demands of new customers with a constant workforce. For the past 3 years, thanks to the AMI EI tool, we have more than 100,000 articles capitalized on the platform, our newsletters are distributed to 2,000 recipients across all the Group’s subsidiaries and the number of subscribers doubles every year. We want to keep up this trend », concludes Guy Kinkor.

Yves Rochereau, CEO of Bertin IT is delighted with this partnership: « The collaboration with the SNCF is one of the examples of the trust that more than 150 customers in France and around the world place in us to help them manage their business intelligence activity, anticipating trends in their competitive environment. With the SNCF’s International Department, we have been working hand in hand for more than 10 years to position the group well in the new challenges of the internationalisation of multimodal passenger transport ».

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