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The Latest Delinea Secret Server Release Boosts Usability with New Features

November 2023 by Patrick LEBRETON

Reduced Friction for Administrators and Business Users When Accessing Vaulted Credentials Can Help Increase Privileged Access Management Adoption

Delinea announced new features for Secret Server to improve usability and increase PAM adoption across organisations. These enhancements optimise how privileged users interact with the vault through Web Password Filler and Connection Manager, while new capabilities within the Delinea Mobile app reduce friction and improve workflows for users while providing better privileged access controls.

79% of employees knowingly engage in risky behavior to get their jobs done, according to Delinea research about balancing risk, security and productivity. IT and security leaders need PAM solutions that are fast to deploy and easy to use so that controls are easy to adopt, leading to lower risk. An enterprise vault is the foundation for any PAM strategy, and Secret Server provides several options to access privileged credentials with minimal disruption to users’ current workflows, thus reducing barriers to adoption.

Seamless security for all users accessing privileged credentials

Administrators and business users leveraging Web Password Filler (WPF) to access web applications gain improved visibility of available credentials stored in Secret Server with new built-in search functionality. Moreover, users enjoy facilitated access to credentials requiring checkout and comments directly from the browser without the need to toggle between screens. They also experience a simplified login with the option to autofill temporary one-time password (TOTP) codes.

Enhancements to Connection Manager make it easier for users who launch remote sessions using vaulted credentials to quickly manage multiple privileged sessions without jeopardizing security or productivity. Administrators can respond to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) challenges enabled on individual secrets within the same Connection Manager window. Users can also extend their credential checkout rights directly in Connection Manager, reducing the need to move between screens and applications.

The Delinea Mobile app now includes updates that augment ease of use in support of administrators’ need to access, manage, and secure privileged accounts from anywhere. Among them are unlock options, the ability to generate passwords, and readability improvements that streamline workflows and increase productivity while ensuring secure access to vaulted credentials.

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