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The @ Company Launches Apps Built on New Privacy Protocol

October 2020 by Marc Jacob

The Internet is awash with the personal data of billions of people but almost all of it is controlled by someone else. Every bit of personal information online is acquired, stored, organized, and used to sell to, track, and even profile everyone on the planet — including you.

The @ Company has created a revolutionary internet protocol that protects privacy by putting personal data back into the hands of those it belongs to, the People. To kick off the new data revolution, The @ Company has released two of three flagship applications built on the @protocol, providing the industry’s best, most secure personal data service. Once downloaded these applications can be unlocked by a personal online identifier, known as an @sign.

So, what is an @sign? It’s similar to a username, but instead of using it to access online services, online services use your @sign to access your information without “seeing” it or storing it. Your @sign is a gatekeeper to your data and only allows it to be accessed based on your terms. Rather than having data stored on servers around the globe that are wholly owned by companies, the @protocol stores your encrypted data on your own @server accessible only to you. And the “key” to your own server is stored on your phone, or tablet — whatever personal device is most safe so it can be only accessed by you. The @sign even enables you to control who can access your data, for how long, and what it can be used for.

The @ Company is launching its innovative new approach to personal data control and security with two of three applications built entirely on the @protocol.

@persona allows you to curate your public profile, safely storing important, personally identifying information like your contact information, location data, social media profiles, and more. When a company or individual seeks to gain access to your personally-held data they will never be able to access anything you don’t wish them to, only receiving only the data you allow.

@buzz rebuilds the way we organize our contacts and groups through peer-to-peer communication in a drastically simplified process. Every time you make a change to your profile — be it a new email address, phone number, mailing address, etc. — all approved contacts will receive that information, automatically.

@mosphere enables completely encrypted peer-to-peer file sharing over the internet in real-time. The @sign’s inherent security provides the framework for transferring sensitive information across any mobile device, regardless of location, without fear of interception. Because this data is never stored on a server in the cloud, it goes directly to the recipient, safely and instantly.

@signs are available now at no cost; personalized @signs are available for purchase.

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