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Thales security testing drives forward first CSPN certification for IoT security

July 2017 by Marc Jacob

The Thales ITSEF (Information Technology Security Evaluation Facility) has completed IoT security testing on a product being certified to the French CSPN security standard. Based on a favourable opinion from the Thales ITSEF, the certification issued by ANSSI (France’s agency for information systems security) is an official endorsement of the levels of security provided by the new IoThrive Tiny SE+ solution from OT-Morpho.

OT-Morpho developed IoThrive Tiny SE+ to provide optimum security levels in the rapidly evolving IoT market. It is embedded in connected objects to manage trusted identities and provide data security in any non-cellular network.

Connected objects will only thrive in the IoT marketplace if privacy and data protections can be guaranteed. The Thales ITSEF is a long-standing security partner and the first facility to conduct IoT security evaluations covering software as well as hardware, thereby helping to guarantee that connected objects are able to offer the highest levels of security.

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