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Texas Rangers’ World Series triumph backed by Lumen DDoS protection Lumen DDoS Hyper thwarts cyber threats during one of the world’s biggest sporting events

November 2023 by Marc Jacob

Before the Texas Rangers celebrated their World Series win, an unseen hero was playing a pivotal role in securing Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. The Rangers tapped Lumen Technologies (NYSE: LUMN) for on-demand distributed denial of service (DDoS) to help ensure their critical infrastructure, stadium Wi-Fi and fan experience remained uninterrupted from cyberattacks.

“Cybersecurity is increasingly crucial in high-profile sporting events like the World Series. We left nothing to chance,” said Mike Bullock, Senior Vice President of Information Technology for the Texas Rangers. “Lumen DDoS Hyper was instrumental in providing rapid, effective protection against complex cyberattacks, providing a seamless experience for our team and fans.”
DDoS attacks, aimed at overwhelming network traffic to disrupt services, are a growing concern in the digital age. Lumen DDoS Hyper rerouted the Rangers network traffic through global scrubbing centers to filter malicious activities and maintain the integrity of clean traffic.

“Lumen stepped up to the plate to help protect the Texas Rangers and their fans from the disruptive effects of DDoS attacks,” said Martin Nystrom, Vice President of Product Security for Lumen. “Lumen DDoS Hyper gave the Rangers a self-service way to quickly turn up mitigation services to combat complex and costly threats. Our advanced scrubbing center technology combined with our Black Lotus Labs® threat intelligence helped us create a safe environment while the team concentrated on delivering an electrifying performance.”

The Rangers’ proactive integration of Lumen’s cybersecurity measures at Globe Life Field highlights their commitment to safeguarding digital assets and maintaining the integrity of iconic sporting events.

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