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Tetrate launched Tetrate Service Bridge 1.0

April 2021 by Marc Jacob

Tetrate has announced the GA launch of Tetrate Service Bridge 1.0, the only edge-to-workload application connectivity platform, specifically designed for organizations who have multi-cluster, multitenant, and multi-cloud deployments.

TSB makes it faster and safer to modernize and incrementally migrate, without the fear of downtime. With TSB, users can embrace public, private, or hybrid cloud faster.

This launch includes:
• A single pane for managing a heterogeneous environment of Kubernetes, Virtual Machines, bare metal servers, on-premises and cloud — all in one place, and in a standardized, controlled way
• Multitenancy: Create tenants for teams within your business to define fine-grained access control and editing rights, and to maintain zero trust as a standard. Audit changes to services and shared resources from start to finish
• Architecture built on top of the best-in-class open source projects — Istio, Envoy Proxy, and Apache SkyWalking: TSB provides a management platform on top of these for a consumable app networking mesh that integrates with the organization using it
• Native multi-cluster support: Users can manage app connectivity across infrastructure (multi-cluster, multi-cloud, on-prem) — from a single point of control
• Lifecycle management: Platform owners can manage the lifecycle of Istio and Envoy on-prem and in the cloud
• Service inventory with global observability
• Vetted and validated upstream Istio with a FIPS compatible build option
• Out-of-the-box conformance with NIST standards for microservice security (SP800-204a and -204b, co-authored with NIST by Tetrate engineers)

- TSB 1.0 is available now.

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