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Tencent Taps HackerOne’s Global Community of White Hat to Boost Cybersecurity

April 2020 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

HackerOne announced a partnership with Tencent Security Response Center (TSRC), the online platform run by the security arm of Tencent.

HackerOne’s skilled global community of 600,000+ white hat hackers can now easily join in Tencent’s Bug Bounty Program through HackerOne, making vulnerability reporting and technical sharing from across the world faster and easier. Tencent will also leverage HackerOne’s network to streamline bounty payments when rewarding the white hat community’s joint force to help improve the security of its products and services and contribute to a safer internet for all.

TSRC is open to HackerOne’s global community of ethical hackers to participate in its public and open bug bounty program, an industry best practice to identify potential security vulnerabilities, allowing them to patch security holes before they can be exploited. The public-facing intake method incentivizes ethical hackers to find security vulnerabilities in a company’s software and report them directly to the company’s security center with a monetary reward or bounty.

The Bug Bounty Program awards up to $15,000 for quality reports on eligible valid vulnerabilities, which are paid through HackerOne’s platform. Hackers are encouraged to look for vulnerabilities in all products and services of Tencent.

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