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Tele2 IoT Launches Cybersecurity Product on Platform Equinix®

February 2021 by Marc Jacob

Equinix, Inc. announced that Swedish network provider, Tele2, has launched a new IoT security product, utilising Platform Equinix. The resulting service, Private Interconnect, offers a new level of security for Tele2 IoT customers who can now evolve their security solution by connecting to Equinix Fabric™.

A robust cybersecurity strategy is paramount for the successful provision and adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT). This has become even more pronounced during the global lockdown triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. To meet this challenge, Tele2 is providing dedicated fiber for IoT customers with high security requirements, enabling customers to harness the power of scalable high-performance, low-latency interconnection at the digital edge.

With cybersecurity fears abound, the Equinix 2019-20 Global Tech Trends Survey found 4 out of 10 (42%) global IT leaders rely on interconnection to improve security. Leveraging an interconnection platform such as Platform Equinix allows for control of business communication through traffic exchange points, with local private data repositories and multicloud application and services integration.

Private Interconnect allows Tele2 customers to move their data to their own dedicated fiber connections. By simplifying both regional and global private connectivity between partners, providers and users of IoT ecosystems, enterprises can now establish private connections from anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes.

As companies in all industries strive to transform through technology, interconnection will be crucial for long-term development, and this new combined solution can provide a digital advantage for customers who seek a secure and international interconnected IoT service.

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