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Tehtris is awarded the Starcheck Certificate

January 2020 by Marc Jacob

TEHTRIS received the Starcheck certificate from SKD Labs for its product TEHTRIS EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response). The test results show a malware detection and blocking rate of 100 % and a false positive rate of 0.

“SKD Labs certifies the ability of TEHTRIS EDR to detect and block malware attacks.” SKD LABS SKD Labs is a leading independent testing facility and specializes in functionality testing, performance validation and certification of information security products and services. It develops and implements the highest testing standards to ensure maximum product effectiveness in functionality and performance.


The Starcheck certificate has been widely recognized by networking and information security industry, business and home users in the market. This product excellence award is a proof that “The TEHTRIS EDR is powerful and versatile. The agent is easy to install and use. The detection and response is very fast. Its capability of detecting and blocking malware in real time is excellent.”


Since 2010, TEHTRIS has decided to act in a context of a real need for a high level of cyber defense technology, in order to protect all the means involved. TEHTRIS experts have been developing a platform with complementary products that make it possible to close cyber security gaps and ensure protection at all levels. Originally called eGambit, this defensive cyber arsenal evolved into a new brand: TEHTRIS XDR Platform. TEHTRIS EDR automatically detects and neutralizes in real time advanced or unknown threats on each equipment, station or server where it is deployed. TEHTRIS EDR is part of the TEHTRIS XDR platform, with other complementary products such as : TEHTRIS EPP, TEHTRIS SIEM, TEHTRIS DECEPTIVE RESPONSE, TEHTRIS NTA and TEHTRIS MOBILE SECURITY.

Over the past years, TEHTRIS has been regularly and consistently rewarded with labels, awards and international distinctions, showing proof of the quality and effectiveness of TEHTRIS products.

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