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Tech CEO | Executive Ignorance of Data Encouraging for Ransomware Hackers

June 2021 by Adrian Knapp, founder and CEO of Aparavi

Ransomware attacks continue to plague US companies with the White House issuing a statement calling on companies to treat the threats these high-profile cyber-attacks with more urgency.

Adrian Knapp, founder and CEO of Aparavi, a Data Intelligence and Automation SaaS, says severe ignorance and lack of understanding about their company’s data and where it’s located is key to avoid becoming the nation’s next ransomware victim.

“We know the future is increasingly going to be data-driven, and companies of all sizes need effective strategies to not only guarantee their data is secure but to help them understand and eliminate the risks of how and where it is stored,” says Knapp. “Once a company changes their unstructured data into powerful and usable information, they can form primary and secondary uses out of their data, build more intelligent archives, and gain cloud mobility. This means organizations will be able to protect their data and save on infrastructure costs while unlocking the true value of information to support their entire business, not just IT operations.”

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