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TEHTRIS Receives Starcheck Certification and Product Excellence Award from SKD Labs for TEHTRIS EDR Product

January 2021 by Marc Jacob

SKD Labs is an independent test center specializing in functionality testing, performance validation and certification of information security products and services. It develops and implements the highest test standards to ensure maximum effectiveness of products in terms of functionality and performance. Starcheck certification is recognized by the network and information security industry, businesses and individuals in the marketplace. SKD Labs is one of the independent test centers approved by Microsoft in the Microsoft Virus Initiative program.

"SKD Labs certifies the ability of TEHTRIS EDR to detect and block malware attacks. The performance is excellent. »

French software publisher of cybersecurity solutions, TEHTRIS develops and markets a technological platform for hyper-automated cyber defense. Developed in-house, its software robots and artificial intelligence algorithms are capable of detecting and neutralizing known and unknown attacks in real time. TEHTRIS protects companies and communities against cyber-espionage and cyber-sabotage at the international level.

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