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Symmetry Systems Launches, Aims to Transform Data Security

August 2020 by Marc Jacob

Symmetry Systems emerged from stealth a year after raising $3 million in seed funding. The round was led by two premier venture funds investing in foundational and transformative technologies, ForgePoint Capital and Prefix Capital. Symmetry Systems’ flagship solution, DataGuard, provides unified visibility into data objects across all data stores, answering data security and compliance questions that traditional tools cannot. This financing will be used to spearhead product development and customer support resulting from active pilot deployments in notable healthcare, fintech, manufacturing and technology organizations.

It has become increasingly challenging for organizations to protect their sensitive data. Data now spans across data stores, databases, and data lakes, and is constantly pooled into a large network of applications hosted in multiple data centers. Current solutions demand expensive manual effort by developers, privacy officers and security specialists to keep access policies categorized and up to date, which is virtually impossible to achieve given the velocity of DevOps. The result is a fragmented view of overall data risk, leaving customer data vulnerable and foundational questions unanswered.

Organizations have focused their security spend on applications and infrastructure tools that treat protecting data as a side effect. This creates a blind spot for security engineers who struggle to find ground-truth visibility within their organization’s data stores, leaving sensitive customer information such as PII, PCI, and PHI, exposed. Symmetry DataGuard learns how data is used, accessed, and managed, whether by your organization or a partner, to deliver actionable visibility, least privilege policies and guided response. By enabling developers to move quickly to meet customer demand, while still being good custodians of user data, security engineers are empowered to drive compliance, detection-response, and data-store specific defenses by default.

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