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Surfshark introduces an identity theft protection service

December 2020 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

Surfshark introduced an identity theft protection system Surfshark Alert. The newly upgraded tool detects traces of hacked personal information online, consisting of 60+ different data points, such as email accounts, passwords, personal ID numbers (SSNs), credit cards, and even social media links.

Surfshark Alert serves as an aggregator where users see all the compromised information in one place, even if they no longer use some of the services that suffered a data breach in which their data was involved.

If users’ data has appeared in public databases, the tool will inform when, where, and what information was leaked in the breach, prompting them to take the necessary security measures, such as changing the passwords at minimum.

Other data leaks, such as credit card details, require taking action such as monitoring the bank account balance for suspicious activity and contacting the bank immediately upon seeing any such signs.

The Surfshark Alert tool is the newest addition to Surfshark’s privacy protection toolkit, which includes malware, ad, and tracker blocker CleanWeb and a private plus ad-free search tool Surfshark Search.

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