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SureCloud Launches Cyber Resilience Assessment Solution

June 2020 by Marc Jacob

SureCloud delivers its services through a cloud-based platform, offering a suite of pragmatic and integrated Cybersecurity, Risk, and Advisory services and has announced the launch of its Cyber Resilience Assessment (CRA) Solution. To provide security assurance for organisations transitioning to ‘the new normal’ of remote working.

The new solution has been introduced in response to the changing threat landscape caused by the rapid move to remote working, in the wake of COVID-19. During this period, organisations have had to adapt quickly to maintain business operations, which has led to potential compromises in cybersecurity. SureCloud’s Cyber Resilience Assessment provides a three-stage approach to address this issue.

Firstly, a response analysis is undertaken to learn the lessons from the enforced move to remote working. This is followed by an assessment of the new security and risk posture considering factors such as radically changed perimeter security and data leakage potential. During this phase a targeted Phishing exercise is also undertaken in consideration of the dramatic rise in attacks over the course of the COVID period, up by 600%. Finally, based on outputs from the first two phases, a clear plan is produced to stabilise and secure the business considering new and emerging threats.

SureCloud also provides useful remote working guides which include cybersecurity best practices, a checklist of security considerations, social engineering services and security clinics with SureCloud’s expert security consultants. These features, along with access to dynamic reporting using SureCloud’s Gartner recognised platform, mean the Cyber Resilience Assessment solution is an effective way to help organisations ensure their cyber resilience and stabilise their business operations.

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