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SureCloud Adds Third Party Assurance Capability to Collaborative Compliance Platform™

October 2012 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

SureCloud announced the immediate availability of Compliance Manager as part of its SaaS-based Collaborative Compliance Platform™. Compliance Manager offers a practical and proven alternative to the currently available IT GRC options.

SureCloud’s Compliance Manager extends compliance support for Third Party Assurance processes – all managed within a single, fully-customisable platform. Questionnaires can be instantly generated with granular permissions to control exactly what each third party can view and update. Third parties are given controlled access to the Collaborative Compliance Platform to complete their questionnaires and upload supporting evidence where appropriate.

The Compliance Manager now offers the following enhanced features and benefits:
- Actions can be allocated to third parties based on their response (or lack of response) to security questionnaires
- Auditors and third parties alike can manage and track actions from start to finish
- Dashboards provide a real-time summary of the Third Party Assurance Initiatives; obviating the labour intensive, manual process of summarising data from spreadsheets – for example, identifying common areas of compliance failure across thousands of suppliers
- User based pricing allows organisations a lower entry point to get themselves up and running quickly

SureCloud’s Collaborative Compliance Platform is a SaaS-based pay-as-you-go offering that allows businesses of all sizes to access a range of IT GRC and information security solutions (such as vulnerability management) as well as gain real-time actionable intelligence relating to their compliance status.

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