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Study: Ukraine’s cybersecurity preparedness surpasses Europe’s average by 3%, outperforms Australia and Canada

May 2022 by Surfshark

Surfshark just released a study analyzing the cybersecurity of former Soviet countries. The study found that Ukraine and the Baltic states have the strongest cybersecurity preparedness, with an index higher than Australia’s, Canada’s, and Europe’s average.

I’d also like to bring other findings to your attention:

According to CSIS records, Ukraine has faced the most cyberattacks by Russian entities since 2015, while other studied countries seem to be targeted less.
Lithuania (index score 93.51) came first among analyzed post-Soviet countries (and 2nd globally), with an index 28% better than the European average, with Estonia following shortly after (90.91).
Ukraine (index of 75.32) surpasses Europe’s average by 3% and Russia’s index of 71.43. Ukraine’s cybersecurity index is even 12% better than Australia’s, despite the big GDP difference.
Russia’s score stands at 71.43, 2.5% lower than the European average. Our previous study uncovered that it had the most data breaches in the first quarter of 2022, with close to 3.6M internet users affected and a 136% spike in cases after Ukraine’s invasion in February.

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