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Stanislav Guchia, Axis Communications: All-over-IP Forum Makes Each Contact a Direct Hit

August 2009 by

Axis Communications, the global leader in the network video market, confirmed its participationin the Second Annual ALL-OVER-IP Business Forum, which takes place on 19 November, 2009 at Sokolniki Expo in Moscow, Russia.

Stanislav Guchia, Channel Manager for Russia and CIS countries at Axis Communications, said his company participates in ALL-OVER-IP Forum for the second year to increase their existing clients’ loyalty and to attract new partners from all over Russia.

– What do you expect of your participation in ALL-OVER-IP Forum?

– We expect to meet new potential partners from different Russia’s regions who do not work with us for some reason yet, but are interested in our solutions. We will do our best to provide them with comprehensive information on advantages they could get working with us.

Certainly, we will use the forum to support the relations with our existing partners. Now that the market lacks in activity, we see the right time to prepare the ground for further growth. Our prospects are new regional installers becoming our partners.

– What results of your participation in the Forum will you consider successful?

– The measure of our success at the forum will partly be the number of new faces we will see at our booth and seminar. The quantity of partnership offers after the forum.

Still, we do not treat ALL-OVER-IP Forum as an event that brings immediate profit. We want people to know and remember us. So when the economy recovers, we could start a fruitful work with our new partners.

– Why have you chosen ALL-OVER-IP Forum among a wide range of marketing tools available?

– It is a very good question. I’ve got a good answer for it. ALL-OVER-IP Forum is a venue where arrive only those who are interested to purchase. So, each contact the vendor does is a direct hit to their potential client. A global exhibition is visited by anyone – if a visitor comes with a relevant question, it is a big luck.

We find it more and more beneficial to participate in the focused ALL-OVER-IP Forum. Each person who addressed us at the forum last year has a certain interest.

– Which of the products that you will present at the Forum will be most interesting?

– Installers and system integrators in various Russia’s regions have a very limited choice of partners – vendors of professional network video. That is why regional installers increasingly want to get a solution that will allow them to perform certain projects. We have all the necessary components to create a system: the camera, the software and the video recorder. It is the solution what we will offer installers at ALL-OVER-IP Forum.

During contacts with end-users we will focus on our most advanced technology – compression and image processing. We are currently introducing multiple HD products. We will show at the forum what it is possible to do with images of such a resolution and how it is interesting to do intelligent image processing.

Primary Sponsor: Smartec (
Sponsor: ITV (

Confirmed participation: Axis Communications, Milestone Systems A/S, Mobotix AG, MicroDigital, Mitsubishi Electric, AAM Systems, Byterg, Itruim SPB, Stilsoft, Teleincome-PC, Aktiv SB.

Guests of the Forum: Hikvision, Network Video Technologies, Dynacolor, GEBS.

For more information on exhibiting at ALL-OVER-IP 2009, please contact Alla Aldushina, International Marketing Officer at or

Groteck International Team
19 November 2009
Sokolniki Expo, Moscow, Russia

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