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SquareX’s Bug Bounty Program Successfully Concludes: No Bugs Found, Affirming SquareX’s Security-First Approach to Building Products

August 2023 by Marc Jacob

SquareX has concluded its highly anticipated Bug Bounty program, reaffirming the product’s robustness and effectiveness in safeguarding consumers online.

The Bug Bounty program, which spanned over six weeks with prize reward up to USD 25,000, saw hackers and security researchers from across the globe participate in a heartfelt effort to battle-test to its limits and to uncover any potential security vulnerabilities.

SquareX witnessed an impressive influx of Bug Bounty hunters, particularly from India, USA, and Germany. Together with skilled hackers and researchers from various corners of the globe, they launched thousands of automated scans and targeted attacks on, all in pursuit of identifying and reporting potential security vulnerabilities.

Adding to the excitement, midway through the Bug Bounty program, SquareX doubled the reward and placed multiple “Easter Eggs” as added incentive to inspire and motivate the community. However, even with the incentives set in place and the doubling of the prize money, SquareX is delighted to report that zero critical bugs were discovered during the Bug Bounty program. Only one “Easter Egg” vulnerability was discovered, despite all the relentless efforts placed in by the hacker community.

Even though no bugs were discovered, SquareX remains dedicated to fostering a collaborative environment with the bug bounty community and will incorporate an on-going Bug Bounty program that welcomes top bounty hunters and researchers to report vulnerabilities/bugs.

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