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Sophos: Spammers threaten to disconnect your internet with latest malicious campaign

September 2008 by Sophos

Sophos is warning internet users not to be tricked by a widespread malicious spam campaign that claims users will be disconnected from the internet as a result of their online activities.

Samples intercepted by SophosLabs carry the subject line ‘Your internet access is going to get suspended’ from the sender ‘ICS Monitoring Team’. The spam emails claim that the recipient has been conducting illegal activities online, which are said to be documented in a .zip file attached to the mails. Unsuspecting users, who may be dependent on their connection or concerned over the recent spate of online piracy cases, that open the file risk infection from a malicious Trojan horse which will give hackers covert access to their PC.

According to Sophos, the spammers have been using two malicious attachments in these emails, detected as Troj/Meredrop-A and Troj/Agent-HQK. Sophos customers are fully protected against these attacks. Sophos recommends all computer users ensure their anti-virus protection is up to date, and run a consolidated solution at the email gateway to defend against viruses and spam.

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