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Solvo Introduces Data Posture Manager to Remediate Sensitive Data Exposure and IAM Policy Violations for Public Cloud Users

December 2022 by Marc Jacob

Solvo announces the general availability of Data Posture Manager, its new cloud data and infrastructure management solution for public cloud users. Data Posture Manager delivers enhanced visibility into users and cloud components that have access to sensitive data, alerting organizations to excessive or newly-granted privileges and enabling one-click, real-time remediation of security policy violations, ultimately helping security teams combat overload, fatigue, and lack of resources. Solvo prioritizes findings based on risks, vulnerabilities, and business impact and is the first platform to combine runtime application analysis, infrastructure security, and data posture management capabilities to support R&D, DevOps, and security teams that protect organizations using public cloud services from misconfigurations, data leakage, and breaches.

Seventy-five percent of security failures are the result of inadequate identity and access configurations, according to Gartner. Sensitive data is often stored across multiple cloud environments, comes in contact with countless users and cloud entities, and is found in unexpected, vulnerable places. Cloud Security Alliance released a report that found 67% of organizations host sensitive data or workloads in the public cloud. This is a source of risk and exposure that could have a significantly detrimental impact on business. Solvo’s Data Posture Manager uncovers risky cloud entitlements to show organizations which entities have access to sensitive data at any given time to prioritize and mitigate risks before they face a costly data breach or compliance violation.

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