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Softline Computer Systems selects Sequrest to provide its Principal Cyber Defence capability

April 2019 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

Sequrest Ltd announces that Softline Computer Systems Ltd of Cyprus has partnered with Sequrest to deploy best practice cyber security defences, in order to provide a high level of cyber security protection for its clients.

Sequrest will deliver cyber security services directly to Softline, and will additionally act as cyber security provider to Softline’s growing client database of legal companies. It will also provide these with its newly-developed product Paratus, to provide Cyber Security as a Service (CSaaS) ‘on demand’, by means of a simple online dashboard.

Nicolas Chatziavraam, Sofline’s Head of Business Development said, ‘Cyber security, and the protection of our clients’ data is our primary concern. We needed a proactive approach to cyber protection in order to ensure that we are protected against significant present and growing threats to our cyber security, and to reassure our clients and to protect them from the real threats that we face in our industry. To achieve this, we require an expert cyber security facilitator, with a team of experts who understand the threats and how to prevent or counter them, available continuously on demand.
We chose Sequrest because I was impressed by the Sequrest vision for tackling dynamic cyber security challenges in a cost-effective manner, by its reputation for professional expertise and by its round-the-clock availability. The ability for our clients to collectively access a world-class cyber security platform at a fraction of the normal cost was a major consideration’.

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