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SoSafe Introduces First-of-its-Kind Personalised Learning to Make Secure Behaviour Second Nature

November 2023 by Marc Jacob

SoSafe has announced the launch of their pioneering next-generation of personalised learning at their own Human Firewall Conference. This is a big step to put the company further down their path of making secure behaviour second nature for humans. By using data to serve each learner exactly what they need to develop strong cybersecurity skills in less time, SoSafe’s personalisation engine multiplies the learning effect while saving up to 30% of time investment of employees.

Data-driven personalisation engine and Strategic HR Integrations to bolster data foundation.
SoSafe’s training begins with a comprehensive initial survey, capturing data on user work habits, equipment, and working environment. In addition, SoSafe announces upcoming integrations with leading Human Resources Information Systems, including Workday, SAP, and Personio, significantly bolsters the data foundation for personalised learning.
This insight-driven approach ensures content delivery through a personalised learning engine tailored to each user’s unique risk profile with a steadfast goal: Bridging the knowledge gap promptly, internalising secure behavior and maintaining consistent learning levels using only essential content across SoSafe’s multi-channel awareness platform. Additionally, a redesigned learning interface offers a streamlined yet engaging user experience, guiding learners to their next lessons without visual clutter.

Showcasing AI-based highly personalised vishing and smishing simulations
SoSafe also showcased their new AI-based spear phishing simulation at the Human Firewall Conference: By accessing publicly available information through social media channels, AI is automatically generating highly personalised vishing and smishing attacks. According to the Human Risk Review 2023, 29% of successful cyberattacks on organisations in 2022 have been conducted via text message (smishing) or calls (vishing). In addition, personalisation of attacks significantly boosts success rates: In a study about AI-generated phishing attacks, the interaction rates of personalised phishing attacks have been significantly higher (87%) than the ones of non-personalised phishing attacks (65%).

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