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Smart Insights Report “Government eID in South-East Asia” anticipates over 470 million ID documents in 2017

May 2012 by Intelling

Intelling publishes a new Smart Insights Report “Government eID in South Asia” to bring its readers detailed information about the numerous innovative identity projects taking place in the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) region. Many projects of world importance actually find their roots in South East Asia. For instance, the Malaysian ID card was the first nationwide multiapplication electronic ID card; and the Philippines are to be one of the largest issuers of ePassports in the world.

According to Smart Insights Report “Government eID in South East Asia”, this market is to deliver a steady growth over the period, reaching over 71 million ePassports and more than 350 million eID cards installed in 2017. In addition, around 70 million driving licenses will be in issue.

This Smart Insights Report delivers an analysis of the drivers for the establishment of eID projects in South East Asia. It also includes a detailed analysis of each project as well as market data and forecasts. Finally, “Government eID in South East Asia” Smart Insights Report includes information about standardization and vendors profiles.

"A characteristic of the Region is the wide spread in terms of market maturity between different countries, some of them having a full set of Government eID projects, and others just starting future development plans for ePassports", said Artur Khakimov, industry analyst with Smart Insights and author of the report.

"Observers of the secure transactions industry know eID projects in South East Asia for long. Nowadays, projects become more and more innovative, and the Region is one of the most dynamic in the world for eID projects", added Thierry Spanjaard, CEO of Intelling, and head of Smart Insights Reports.

More information about Smart Insights Report “Government eID in South East Asia” is available at

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