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Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) Releases White Papers on Grid Definitions and Cybersecurity Information Sharing

February 2016 by Smart Grid

The Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) announced the release of two industry white papers that will help guide the acceleration of grid modernization. Both papers are available for download at no charge.

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Local Grid Definitions reviews key terms and definitions related to power distribution infrastructures in buildings (or campuses) that enable some local grid functionality. Developed by SGIP’s Home Building and Industrial Working Group, the paper makes recommendations about which definitions are preferable. It also includes a discussion about the merits and limitations of existing and alternate definitions.

“As the grid continues to be further integrated into our daily lives, it’s critical that we have a standard framework for how we discuss accelerating grid modernization,” said Bruce Nordman, SGIP member and researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the paper’s author. “We have developed this paper to help encourage consistency in grid discussions.”

The Local Grid Definitions white paper clarifies the terms microgrid, picogrid and nanogrid and identifies their key defining aspects. It also offers questions about how local grids relate to the utility grid and utility meter.

The second SGIP paper, entitled Cybersecurity Information Sharing in Electric Utilities, provides an overview of various sharing programs and standardized approaches for sharing, as well as an overview of the recently enacted law, the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act 2015. Written by Ramesh Reddi, SGIP’s Cybersecurity Consulting Manager, the paper outlines the significance of developing a good framework for securing the electric grid with a good balance between liability and privacy protections.

“Recent developments on both technological and legislative fronts will increase cyber threat sharing among utilities and protect our electric grid,” said Reddi. “This paper will help ensure that electric utilities are better prepared to respond to cyber-attacks on our electric grid system.”

About the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel

The Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) is an industry consortium representing a cross-section of the energy ecosystem focusing on accelerating grid modernization and the energy Internet of Things through policy, education, and promotion of interoperability and standards to empower customers and enable a sustainable energy future. Our members are utilities, vendors, investment institutions, industry associations, regulators, government entities, national labs, services providers and universities. A nonprofit organization, we drive change through a consensus process. Visit

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