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Smarsh Releases Data-Loss-Prevention Solution for Microsoft Teams

March 2019 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

Smarsh(r) introduced the latest version of Control for Microsoft Teams. The data-loss prevention (DLP) solution enables customers to enforce internal policies, and to block and delete content within Teams, strengthening compliance, risk and security efforts.

Teams conversations (one-to-one, multi-party and channel chats, with emojis, GIFs, files, links and bots) are monitored in real-time using DLP policies implemented within Control. When policy violations are detected, Control performs DLP actions (such as delete and challenge) that end users see in near-real-time within the native Teams application.

All Teams content, as well as full fidelity metadata and contextual data (i.e. images, participants, chat room names), is captured in its native format and available for ingestion into the Smarsh Connected Archive or a customer’s existing archiving solution, in support of regulatory compliance, e-discovery and/or recordkeeping initiatives.

Control for Microsoft Teams is available now via on-premise deployment for customers using DLP-enabled Office 365 SKUs. Smarsh Control offerings are available for a growing number of social, communication and collaboration channels, including Skype for Business (on-premise). The application provides a single engine for enforcing compliance policies across all applicable channels.

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