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Simple trick can expose organisations to Solarwinds-style supply chain attacks

February 2021 by Vade Secure

Hackers could lay the groundwork for a Solarwinds-style supply chain attack using one line of code.

That’s the warning from Vade Secure, a global security leader which now protects more than one billion mailboxes around the world.

It has published a blog highlighting a simple trick which cybercriminals can use to identify a business’s suppliers and exploit weaknesses in their supply chain security.

Vade found that it takes only a matter of seconds to identify the email security solution protecting a business’s email. This is accomplished with a simple MX (mail exchange) record search, a task requiring only one line of code.

If a cybercriminal is able to identify the email security solution protecting a business, they can then exploit its weaknesses when they launch an attack.

You can find out more by reading the blog here. If you have any more questions, its author Adrien Gendre is also available for interview. We can also answer questions or offer a written Q+A.

Adrien Gendre is Chief Product & Services Officer at Vade Secure. His product vision and cybersecurity experience has been instrumental in Vade Secure’s evolution from startup to world leader in predictive email defense. A speaker at M3AAWG (Messaging, Malware & Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group), Adrien is a sought-after email security expert who shares his expertise to educate businesses about email threats and facilitate new approaches in the cybersecurity community. With unparalleled access to global email threat intelligence, Adrien brings his email security expertise and innovative product approach to the ongoing development and advancement of phishing, spear phishing, and malware protection technologies at Vade Secure.

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